5 Pointers For Buying Diamonds Like A Pro!

No matter whether you are thinking of an eternal gift or an investment, diamonds are perfect for almost any reason. Buying diamonds is, however, confusing and complicated. To make things simple for first-time buyers, we have listed down the important pointers that may come handy.

  • Know more. The 4 Cs of diamonds are Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. Depending on what you want to spend, you can forego one aspect for the other. For example, if you are keen on buying a bigger rock for someone you love, it is better to focus on the cut of the diamond instead of the color, which eventually adds to the shine and brilliance.
  • Understand diamond certification. Jewelry purchases are all about trust and authenticity, and diamonds and other gemstones are no different. Make sure to buy certified loose diamonds and diamond jewelry only. A diamond certification tells you everything you need to know about the 4Cs, and there are known organizations, such as International Gemological Institute (IGI) that you can rely on.
  • Take help. Regardless of whether you are buying diamonds from a retail store or an online seller, you need to know the options better. Talk to the concerned seller and enquire about diamonds and rings in detail. They should be able to offer detailed information on all the relevant aspects and must be able to offer choices, based on your budget.
  • Set a budget. Check one of the online shops for diamond jewelry, and you will be surprised with the price range. It is always best to have a budget in mind, because diamonds are not purchased on impulse. Talk to the concerned seller about what you can spend, and they can tell you about the 4Cs and how you can compromise one for another.

  • Consider the color. The color of the diamond is a matter of personal choice. The rating is done on the scale from D to Z, D being most white/ colorless. Also, the cut is one of the important aspects. Even the best diamonds may look different with a poor cut, which is why this aspect must not be compromised. As for the shape, cushion or oval diamonds may cost a tad less than regular round diamonds, but again, other 4 Cs also come in the play, including the size of the diamond.

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