Top Things To Know Before Ordering Prescription Eyeglasses

If your eye doctor has prescribed power to correct your vision, the next obvious step is to order your eyeglasses. It is a good idea to wear a pair of glasses first and then move on to contact lenses, because using contacts can be intimidating. While you can always look for Houston eye glasses near me, we recommend that you check these aspects for your first pair.

Know your prescription

Typically, after you see an optometrist or eye doctor, they will give a prescription, which will basically mention the power details. Knowing the abbreviations will help you understand the power specifics better.  The most common one is SPH, which refers to spherical and is used for correcting near-sightedness or farsightedness. For farsightedness, you will get a “+ve” power, while for near-sightedness, you will have a “-ve” power. If the prescription says ADD, it means that you have additional power for bifocals, which is used for correcting presbyopia. Cylinder (CYL) refers to the power for astigmatism, while the axis tells where the CYL power must be positioned on the lenses.

Choose the right eyecare clinic

Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference. Think of clinics as a complete center for eyecare– You can get your eyes checked, order for glasses, and even get advice on the kind of lenses and frames that can be considered. It is also important to check and ensure that the eyecare clinic has a good collection of products, including contacts, and they should be around to answer your questions as required.

Selecting frames, eyeglass lenses and contacts

Contact lenses are not for everyone but have clear advantages over eyeglasses in many ways. Think of a mix of both. If you have CYL or astigmatism power, the choice of contacts must be toric, and if your prescription power is too high, you may want to go for high index glasses for your spectacles. Frames, in all honesty, are a matter of personal choice, but we recommend that you don’t go for smaller frames, which may impact your vision on the sides. Don’t compromise on the lenses and frame, and it is a good idea to buy from a store that you can rely on and offers at least a year of warranty on the product.  In case of contacts, you may have replacement warranty for a much-limited period.

Eyeglasses are comfortable and can correct most vision problems – order yours now!

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